After a highly successful visit to the Canadian Rockies in August 2003 I decided to make it a biannual event. I returned in late July 2005 with John Smith and John Watson-Jones and bagged six summits in seven days, with more than 20,000 feet total elevation gain.
  • Eiffel Peak, 3084m (10,116ft), July 31 -- An acclimatization scramble with beautiful views of Paradise Valley and Valley of the Ten Peaks.
  • Mt. Carnarvon, 3040m (9,971ft), August 1 -- A rugged giant North of Field in Yoho.
  • Abbot Pass Hut -- A spectacular setting for mountain adventure.
  • Mt. Lefroy, 3423m (11,227ft), August 3 -- A steep snow climb rarely in shape.
  • Mt. Victoria, 3464m (11,362ft), August 4 -- The most awesomely scary mountain ridge I have ever traversed.
  • Mt. St. Piran, 2650m (8,692ft), August 5 -- A "rest day" jaunt away from the crowds.
  • Mt. Temple, 3543m (11,621ft), August 6 -- A tedious scramble up a towering giant.

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