BNSF's Red River Subdivision
>(Former Fort Worth & Denver line between Amarillo and Wichita Falls, Texas)
October, 2005
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October 7, 2005:

A stack train moving into the passing siding

Clarendon, TX.

A westbound coal train (empty) on the main

Clarendon, TX.

An Eastbound stack train, viewed from a strategically placed highway rest stop.

near Hedley, TX.

And a Westbound stack train, viewed from the same spot.

near Hedley, TX.

And another Westbound stack train.

near Hedley, TX.

October 8, 2005:

an overcast sky as a Westbound passes E Hedley into the passing siding.

Hedley, TX.
On the main track we have a bit of foreign power, with some REALLY FOREIGN power!

Hedley, TX.

...and a pusher brings up the rear as the sky begins to clear.
The same coal train with that alien unit again.

Goodlett, TX.
I'm on the wrong side from the Sun but I barely had time to catch this train as it rolled around a waiting empty coal train.

Acme, TX.

Once the stack train cleared, the coal empty got the clear...

Acme, TX.
Again, the Sun was wrong, but I couldn't pass on a shot of the former Quanah, Acme, and Pacific Railroad's station and main office building.

Quanah, TX.

October 9, 2005:

Roaring Eastbound across the "Prarie Dog Fork of the Red River", yes, that's the real name...

near Estelline, TX.
I'd stopped at this location partly because I knew this SP unit was in the lead of a train headed here.
The weather had other ideas though and decided to give me a darker shot...

near Estelline, TX.
I decided to move a bit and while setting up for a shot was surprised by something decidedly "Texas".

near Estelline, TX.
A couple of Westbound stack trains passed by on the main while an empty coal train (that's the pusher visible) sat on the passing siding.

near Estelline, TX.
My next stop was just West of Childress for more of the same type action.

Carey, TX.
Carey, TX.
East of Childress are a couple more passing sidings, and chances for meets. Plus a view that gives plenty of approach warning.

Kirkland, TX.
Of course, not all the good shots have trains in them.

Kirkland, TX.
I moved a bit for a different kind of shot but got this refugee instead. If I had wanted to see NS action I would've stayed at home!

Kirkland, TX.
The final shots of the evening are from the opposide end of the Kirkland siding...

Kirkland, TX.

October 10, 2005:

This empty coal train is heading West off trackage that once belonged to the Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railroad. That track is now used for meets on this busy line.

Acme, TX.
I stopped at the site of the former diamond with the KCM&O (long abandoned) in time to catch this speeding load of empty piggyback cars passing a loaded coal train.

West end of Chillicothe, TX.
East of town I found a vantage point to watch that loaded coal train continue East.

Chillicothe, TX.
I have no idea why this thing was here, or of it's full history. One clue to part of it's heritage was somebody's bad cover-up job...

Harrold, TX.
I decided that a trip devoted totally to railfanning would be a bit "off balance" so a little indoor rock climbing was in order. Only problem -- the place I picked wasn't open!

Wichita Falls, TX.

October 11, 2005:

The air is clear after the previous days rains for this morning shot of an Eastbound passing the radio station at E Hedley.

Hedley, TX.
By mid-morning my focus was really just wanting to get all the way back to Dallas and my afternoon flight home. If I was to catch any trains it would have to be with little (or no wait).

This set is the Quanah switcher headed to Vernon for the day's work. I got a shot flying down the highway but managed to pull ahead...

West of Vernon, TX.

A bit later I overtook a coal train pulling into the passing siding at W Fowlkes. A stalled train farther down the line had cause quite a backup and a parade awaited from Wichita Falls eastward. Time was short so I passed the opportunity and headed on. Maybe NEXT time.

Electra, TX.

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