MKT GP40 #216
GP40 #216 and leased Conrail GP38-2 #8265 leave Wichita Falls, Texas in January, 1981 with train #164 on Ft. Worth & Denver track. This location (a year later to become Rhea Junction) was a favorite for my brothers and me to catch trains leaving town at speed.
With the increasing profitability of the Katy in the 1980's came a wealth of interesting power to our part of the system. Leased and purchased GP38's and GP38-2's in Conrail blue, units from Illinois Central Gulf, even GP39-2's from Kennecott Copper added to Katy's John Deer green as the mechanical department struggled to keep up. Conrail GP38-2 #8265
former Kennecott Copper GP39-2

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