end of 2nd pitch
Mike leading 3rd pitch Ecstasy (5.7) was a climb Mike and I put a lot of work into. I lead up the easy first pitch on Saturday, May 25, 1997 just as it started to rain. I discovered that we'd left a few pieces of pro in the car about the same time the sky really opened up on us. We made the decision to escape off and try again tomorrow (weather permitting). The next day (Memorial day) the sky started out overcast with an occasional light rain but since the second and third pitches are slightly overhung we decided to try the route anyway. Again I lead up the easy first pitch in rain but this time as I reached the belay not only did the rain stop but the sun broke through to stay. Mike lead the rest of the climb and even though we took our time (four and a half hours until we were back on the ground) it turned out to be one nifty experience.
Me having fun

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