Mt. Shasta, California; June 24 & 25, 1998
My brothers and I flew to Portland, Oregon with the intention of climbing the Sunshine route on Mt. Hood. From the plane I could see the 'schrund was a wide gap and that was enough to cause us to look elsewhere. We drove south, stopping to climb Mt. Thielson then went further to Shasta.
Mt. Shasta at sunrise from the North

low visibility
When we arrived at the mountain the weather was generally crummy with low clouds, a light rain, and very little visibility. We decided on Green Butte Ridge because it should be easy to navigate and have no avalanche danger. John and Bob
next morning
Even though it was clear on the ridge the next morning all our gear was wet so we decided to rest and go for the summit late that night. But clouds quickly closed in again and the sight of an attempted helicopter rescue over Avalanche Gulch became a little too much so we decided to descent by mid-afternoon. helicopter

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