Beartooth Mountains, Montana; September, 1998
Until the second week of September, 1998, Montana was nothing but a big void on the map for me. I filled in a bit of that by heading into the Beartooth Range near Granite Peak to do a little solo exploring. Here are a few pictures from that trip:
Looks *cozy*, doesn't it???

Froze-to-Death Mountain
Me on the summit(?) of Froze-to-Death Mountain.  You just gotta love that name!!!

Tempest Peak
Me, again, munching on a "Think" bar (thanks Charlotte) atop Tempest Peak with Granite Peak in the background.

Princess Lake
Pristine is definitely an understatement when describing some of this country.  This is Princess Lake where I camped after a rough descent from Tempest Peak.

Mystic Lake
This shot of Mystic Lake and Mt. Hague tells me that, uh, well,  I'll return to the Beartooths for sure...

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