Shoestring Gully On Mt Webster
December 27, 1998

Dave Chiu wading up
We wanted to do Pinnacle Gully on Mt. Washington but the Christmas day snowfall had not really consolidated causing serious avalanche conditions.
Mack on some easy stuff
The climb was a tedious snow slog for the first few hours but eventually we worked our way up to some ice.
The final challenge
A couple of Pitches from the top we decided to detour up a little gully to the right.  To this point we had been soloing but the last few feet were pretty challenging in a narrow chimney with thin or nonexistent ice.  I was the last one and by that time Andy had rigged an anchor and had a rope ready.  At first I wanted to solo as everyone else had but something in the tone of Dave's voice when he said "take the rope, Mack" compelled me to tie in.  When I reached the last few feet below the top I'm really glad I had...

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