Riegelsville, PA
February, 1996

Have you ever climbed an Ice chimney? Or maybe you'd call this a wide off-width. Either way it's fun! Yes that statement came from me - Mack, the ultimate chimney hater. I can't stand them. Chimneys nearly always kick my butt. I can't stand to see people scoot around in them just as easy as you please. Nevertheless in ice it's a different story. I love to have my back pressed hard against a cold wet wall, leeching precious body heat away with every passing second. I love to "friction" with crampon points, heavy gloves, and a sweet tool... ice chimney

top roping This is a place I don't want to mention for fear it will become swamped with climbers the way so many other spots have. I don't want to have to deal with access problems at this gem. I don't want the locals telling me to go back to Texas or someplace even warmer. But anyway I wouldn't have had the chance to climb here but for someone else's big mouth so here goes: It's Riegelsville, PA. Shhhush, not so loud! And if you spam me for this I'll accuse you of net censorship. So there.

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Mack Muir