Pitchoff Right In The Adirondacks
1997 & 1998

The past couple of years I've gone to the Adirondack Mountainfest with a few friends from the Potomac Mountain Club.  January in the 'Dacks can be rather cold.  In fact in 1997 I heard the locals refer to the ice as "some of the hardest they'd ever seen". It wasn't all bad though, I managed to learn from a few workshops, take in some slide shows, and even get out and play on the ice...
wind-blown curtain That's me under a magnificent wind-blown curtain in an area called Pitch-off Right, January 1997.

dry tooling pulling out
In January 1998 I decided to try my hand at a little dry tooling.
Bloody fun And yes, I was having a "bloody" good time!!!
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