North Face of Pitchoff, Adirondacks
March 3 & 4, 2000

Tendonitus   John Smith
John Smith on Tendonitus

Tendonitus and Arm & Hammer   Central Pillar
At a luch break on the beaver pond, we watched the climbs across from us; Tendonitus and Arm & Hammer on the left, and tomorrow's destination, Central Pillar to its right.

Screw & Climaxe

Then to our astonishment, we watched a trio creep up the ephimeral ice on Screw & Climb Axe. We later talked to these climbers and when asked about the rather thin conditions one replied with "when the ice was thin, the moss was good!"

Ya just gotta love them hearty New Englanders!

A fitting end to a perfect weekend. perfect day

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