Mt Avalon, NH
January 18, 2004

I'd hiked back here solo in February, 03 but didn't have the nerve to climb anything so this year John and I decided to return to check out the climbs in earnest.

John "exploring" with the AMC's Highland Center visible in the distance
We drifted a bit in our approach and almost resigned ourselves to a day of backcountry snowshoeing but managed to get back on track and find the flows there. Briefly stated, I'm not sure the climbing is worth the two hour approach hike and bushwhack but it was isolated and quiet so it was nifty to be there.

John starting up "Peer Pressure"
We soloed around for a bit -- nothing gets you on your toes like soloing (no matter how easy) in an area where a mishap would create an "interesting" rescue problem. Then John lead up Peer Pressure (NEI 3) followed by my lead on Mellow Yellow (also an NEI 3).

Me (Mack) starting "Mellow Yellow"

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